In sync with the qualities expected of a Daksha Fellow, the admissions process evaluates multiple facets of an applicant’s personality – breadth and depth of knowledge, consistency and rigour, curiosity and initiative, clarity and ambition.

The online application can be started by any applicant who fulfils the eligibility criteria stated below. Meeting the eligibility does not however guarantee an offer.

Eligibility Criteria:
Selection Criteria:

The Admissions Committee shall evaluate the following, before making an offer of admission:

Application Form

The application form has the following sections

Panel Interview

Every applicant who has successfully completed the application and undergone a first stage of screening will be eligible to appear for an interview with the Dean or a Faculty Member. The interview could be a personal interview in Sai University City Campus in Chennai or it could take place via a video call. Applicants will receive prior notice.

Admissions Test
Online Application submission:
  • Applicants will create an account on the application portal by registering with basic details – full name, email ID, contact number and country
  • A link is sent to their email ID to activate the account
  • After activating the account, the applicant is directed to the application form
  • Applicants can save details entered in the application at any given point in time, sign out, and resume the application as convenient for them
  • Questions to which responses are essential for purposes of processing your application are marked mandatory
Process Flow of Admissions

Step 1: Application Submission and Evaluation

Step 2: Entrance Test

  • Daksha Fellowship Admissions Test (DFAT)
  • LSAT-India

Step 3: Panel Interview

The final decision will be communicated to applicants at the end of Step 3, approximately 10-14 days from the date of the interview.

Global Law Badge
  • Daksha Fellowship is the Member of LSAC Global Law Alliance.
  • Daksha Fellowship accepts LSAT—India™ scores as part of the selection process for admission to the fellowship program
  • Register online for the LSAT—India™ 2021 entrance test by logging on to
  • The LSAT—India™ 2021 applicant with highest score enrolled in Daksha Fellowship shall be awarded a Scholarship on the tuition fee for one academic year.
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